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Wiley serves the higher education and advanced placement market with products that span the breadth of both media and discipline. Wiley’s WileyPLUS integrated online suite of teaching and learning resources provides students an engaging and interactive learning experience.


Wiley is the publisher for such notable Geography experts as Harm deBlij, Peter Muller, and Jan Nijman, so they have a proven track record of success. Their newest star author Erin Fouberg wanted to do something different for her first edition text. She wanted to leverage the power of Geographic Information Systems in her course and the online version of her textbook. She wanted her students to not only view the maps, but explore them, investigate their themes, and draw conclusions from their data. But how do you integrate a powerful GIS platform into an existing Learning Management System like WileyPLUS?


Wiley’s team turned to Maps.com and Esri to conceptualize, plan, and implement this concept for the next generation of digital textbooks. Maps.com’s team of cartographic developers worked with Erin and Wiley’s editors to design, research, and integrate data into beautiful Web maps using the Esri ArcGIS Online platform and integrate it seamlessly into WileyPLUS.


The Maps.com team developed the methodology for integrating these new dynamic maps into Wiley PLUS. The course was launched during the 2015-16 school year and has been a great success.

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