Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

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Like so much of the Gulf of Mexico, the after-effects of EarthDay appear to have been smothered by the awful disaster that occurred last week off the coast of Louisiana. The region’s fishermen are braced for the slick to hit Oyster and Shrimp stocks, while conservationists can only cross their fingers for the reserves that provide homes to local bird …

Earthday Webinar

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Thank you to everyone who attended our special webinar for Earthday 2010. It was great to hear from so many teachers and classes from all over the USA, Canada and US Territories overseas. Putting together a webinar like that is never easy. Making sure there is enough information for the subject to be interesting, without overloading the facts and figures …

Volcano eruption closes British air space.

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British airports have been closed for at least 19 hours after a volcanic eruption in Iceland sent ash into the atmosphere. The ash presents a significant danger to airplanes because the dust is likely to clog their engines. As the cloud drifts south and begins to dissipate aviation authorities in Europe are monitoring its progress to ensure that normal service …

Maps101 Announces Bing Maps Integration

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Maps101 is delighted to announce a new relationship with Microsoft’s Bing Maps which will provide users with a great new way to explore the extensive Maps101 content and enjoy the great visual and interactive experience that Bing Maps provides. Download the press release BingAnnouncement_4_14_10. Read more about Maps101 and Bing Maps in Chris Pendleton’s blog.

US Civil War at Maps101

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On this day in 1861 the bombardment of Fort Sumter, near Charleston, North Carolina, began the US Civil War. Maps101 subscribers can see lots of maps, animations and more great videos covering US History and the Civil War like this one –

April 22nd is Earthday

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According to this story from NPR, despite the close of the Space Shuttle program, NASA will receive considerable funding to turn its attentions back to earth. Specifically NASA will see its Earth Science efforts become the focal point of a $2.4 billion investment as the US Government looks to discover more facts about how our planet is shaping up. The …

St. Patricks Day around the globe.

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This superb video from National Geographic explains concisely and clearly the origins – of the Saint, and the celebrations in his honor. Find out how he became Ireland’s patron saint, and why the man is toasted in cities as far apart as Manchester and Moscow.

Women’s History Month on the Map.

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It makes a great starting point for researching great female figures of history from a Geographic point of view. Useful for researching not only the people but the areas and backgrounds they come from or the places they made their names. Each is marked by a pin in the map, color coded to show their field, from Science to Sport, Athletics to Arts.